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SB 2920 Makes changes to the composition of the Commission on Environmental Justice SB 2963 Asserts that the state has implemented an aluminum can recycling program HB 0538 Designates the pirogue -- a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk -- as the official state artifact HB 4562 Amends the Illinois Human Rights Act to increase the amount of civil penalities for civil rights violations related to real estate transactions HB 5593 Substance abuse programs licensed by DHS must provide educational info on opioid treatment options, including use of medication for opioid addiction and overdose, how to administer naloxone.

HB 5594 If defendant needs opioid abuse or addiction treatment, court shall require them to participate in prescribed drug treatments under care of licensed physician HB 5602 "Changes the Nursing Home Care Act; if DPH fails to provide a written explanation as to why evidence was insufficient to refute a informal dispute resolution (IDR) finding the receipt will be cited for the dispute and no penalty can be imposed" HB 5607 Allows US savings bonds to be declared abandoned after being unclaimed and unreedemed 5 years after final maturity and allows the treasurer to obtain a judicial determination that the bond has been reverted to the state HB 5756 Provides no unlawful discrimination occur in the Illinois National Guard and clarifies duties of offices in the National Guard SB 2160 Extends sunset date on valuation of vegetative filter strips to December 31, 2026 SB 2260 Changes reporting requirements for Treasurer reporting warrants to Comptroller SB 2331 Clarifies that Medicaid managed care entities include business associates; allows the entities and business associates to communicate directly with clients regarding care coordination activities SB 2354 Expands the topics the board of managers may discuss in closed executive meetings related to condominiums SB 2358 Requires that any assignment of a developer's interest be received in writing and recorded before it is effective SB 2601 Extends the time frame for the filing of a motion to vacate to 60 days after the discharge of probation once alcohol or drug treatment as a condition of probation has been completed SB 2783 Considers unclaimed property abandoned after 5 yrs SB 2900 Expands the role of Physician Assistants ("PAs") and Advance Practice Nurses ("APNs") throughout various Acts, by allowing them to perform many duties, or hold positions normally reserved only for physicians or those similarly situated.

HB 5775 Brings certain paternity acknowledgement/denial forms into compliance with federal data requirements HB 5945 Changes the word alien to undocumented immigrant when referring to someone not legally admitted to the US; adds "documented immigrants" to the provisions of the bill HB 5948 Lowers the number of required coursework hours for a Public Health Dental Hygenist; allows dental assistants to perform certain procedures on specific patients HB 6006 Requires vehicles to change lanes when coming up on a car with its hazard lights on.

Court order for genetic testing must specify how results may be used for purposes of protecting child's best interests. HB 4554 Requires insurance companies to cover certain HIV drugs upon federal approval HB 4576 Creates the Rare Disease Commission act, and requires that Commission to meet at least once annually and submit an annual report to the General Assembly.