Dating culture in the netherlands

27-Jan-2016 21:55

There are many dating websites for people based in the Netherlands, as a quick online search will confirm.Different dating websites cater to different kinds of people.But reluctant to give a group of strangers my actual phone number I sat back and waited.This was the perfect way to test that famous Dutch directness – the idea that Dutch people are more straight talking than the average Brit. One set of neighbours emailed me and asked for the correct number.I recently moved into a new apartment and my neighbours put in a request for a welcome note.That’s right, I was asked to provide my own welcome note.

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Rudeness is rechristened as directness; irritability becomes no-nonsense.

One important reason for their choice is the feeling of freedom, independence and peace of mind.

As an expatriate, you may have no choice but to live alone in Holland, at least while you are still finding your feet.

Even if my observations remain unproven, this revelation about the North-South/English-Dutch divide over manners has been illuminating.

Rather than attribute things to Dutch directness I have started pointing out when they’ve overstepped the mark. I have gone from dodging awkward questions about my finances, boyfriend and home life to simply digging into my Northern stereotypes and telling the asker that they are out of line.

Moving down to London after 22 years of living in the North (Newcastle and Leeds) I realised how quick Southerners are to ascribe Northern charm to behaviour they would find downright offensive from another Southerner.