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Dirk is not only followed by agents of Blackwing trying to recapture him but also by Bart Curlish (Fiona Dourif), another Blackwing subject who considers herself a "holistic assassin" and believes she is destined to kill Dirk.

Bellboy Todd Brotzman, while tasked to check in on the hotel's penthouse suite, is disturbed when he sees himself talking to an unknown person when the elevator briefly stops on one of the hotel's floors.

At the penthouse the Patrick in the clockwork armor disrupts the meeting: a cat, whose soul had been transferred with that of a shark, gets loose, and the shark's soul psycho-kinetically attacks everyone present, killing the present Patrick and some of Gordon's cult.

As Dirk, Todd, and the armored Patrick flee the hotel, Todd recognizes the conversation he had seen himself in previously.

With help of Farah, Todd's sister Amanda (who suffers from "pararibulitis", a nerve disorder that creates painful hallucinations), Bart Curlish (a "holistic assassin" who believes she must kill Dirk) and her companion Ken, and the "Rowdy 3" (a band of four violent punks that feed off psychic energy), Dirk and Todd are able to stop Gordon and the Men of the Machine from using Zachariah's device further, leading to the cult members’ deaths, while returning Lydia to her body before they return the repaired machine to Zachariah Webb in the 19th century.

The eight-episode first season premiered on BBC America on October 22, 2016 to positive reviews, before concluding on December 10, 2016.Later they encounter an earlier version of Dirk, and the present version provides his earlier self with cryptic clues to direct him to meet with Todd and solve the case.Now aware that he will be killed in the future and of Lydia's plight, Patrick returns to 2001 to bury the machine for Dirk and Todd to find, and set up events so that he can assure Dirk will take Patrick's case and save Lydia.The series features an ensemble cast including Samuel Barnett as the "holistic detective" Dirk Gently and Elijah Wood as his reluctant sidekick Todd.

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Other main cast members include Hannah Marks as Todd's sister Amanda, Jade Eshete as security officer Farah Black, Fiona Douriff as "holistic assassin" Bart, and Mpho Koaho as computer technician Ken.Their investigation revolves around a machine created by 19th century inventor Zachariah Webb.

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