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Once I heard the water running, I hopped on her computer and checked her browser history. As she got closer, I noticed that her pussy was hairless! I hadn't been this close to her bare breasts since she breast fed me! It only took a few strokes for me to explode all over the shower wall! I could clearly see that her pussy lips were moist and puffy. Chapter Three I turned off the vacuum and did as instructed. "Do you swear not to tell anyone what we're about to do? Actually, I'd never had a girl kiss me like that, EVER! I wondered if she was entertaining the same thoughts as me. For a woman almost 50 years old, she was in fantastic shape! Mom had me so turned on, I didn't need such knowledge. She was bent over, her ass pointing directly at me, with her legs spread wider than before. She got on her knees next to me as we both sank into the cushions. " Having gotten my consent, Mom kissed me in a way mothers and sons shouldn't. Jste si jist/a, že nechcete povolit verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash?Verze využívající Flash je plně vybavena a optimalizována.Verzi chatu pracující na technologii Flash doporučujeme všem našim uživatelům.Chcete-li využívat plné funkce webu, musíte ve svém prohlížeči povolit prohlížení obsahu ve formátu Flash. Other than the lack of a bra, I didn't see anything. Mom stood and reached over the table to get her pack of cigs. Mom looked me up and down and said, "You've grown into a fine young man! For a second, I thought Mom might be trying to seduce me. My question was answered when cut open the safety seal. Instead of returning to her seat opposite me, she sat next to me at the end of the table. She dumped the leftover coffe into the sink and opened the dishwasher door to put the coffee cups in. By the time I got there, my cock had started to soften a bit. Mom was very orderly about such things so I did likewise. I grabbed an arm load of underwear and dumped it into the washer. You know that doing that is just going to make the washer out of balance! I'd met her a few times and frankly, wasn't impressed.

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