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Hair is already dead so pulling it is not killing it. I had originally pasted a link to Yahoo Answers which does clearly state hair is dead skin cells. I have seen nothing that indicates that women aren't supposed to carry a dagger, and protect family. I don't smoke but I do have incense that I use occasionally(still makes smoke that is inhaled).

I don't think men or women are aggressive normally unless provoked or giving the illusion of it by playing around, joking, or acting. You might call it that but it doesn't make it true. So if men are drinking as someone mentions they are already violating the rules. I agree that it says we are equal so why can't someone do something based on ability not on gender?

It is man passing judgement that gives us conclusions that it is bad to be naked.

Most of us don't walk around naked because it is too cold for it and impracticable.

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Children are a clean slate without judgment which they form with life experience and mentoring.I admit I am new to Sikhism as I didn't get much exposure as a child.But by what I have read if they believe in equality what is the problem? I have no intention of doing that though a woman in a city I used to live in challenged it and won the right in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. My family has a fair bit of religious diversity from wiccans and catholics to atheists.

My father is Sikh, my mom Jewish, my grandparents Janist and hindu in one set, and Russian Orthadox and Jew in the other.Its what I like and I know I don't look good in a bikini.

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