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If you have experience with any of these languages, then you might expect that re-defining a function will change the binding of the function name, as well as any other functions that call that function.

However, in the SML/NJ system, this is not the case.

Here's what I know already: At the moment it looks as if either SML/NJ or Poly/ML would be the best compromise.

It has been many years since I did any serious work in Standard ML, and I would welcome information about other compilers or which of these alternatives is, in your experience, the fastest to interact and the easiest to learn to use.

123.31 real 116.24 user 6.38 sys [[email protected] mlton.mlton]$ /usr/bin/time make mlton-compile ...

So, to be more precise, it is better to say that the identifier or else another top-level declaration.24.51 real 21.04 user 3.05 sys [[email protected] mlton.polyml]$ /usr/bin/time make polyml-mlton ...