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21-Apr-2016 07:59

The Leaf-level statistic that covers the partition specified in the ON PARTITIONS clause is to be recomputed.After that it is merged to build the global statistic.If the user does not specify any option, the UPDATE STATISTIC statement will update all the available statistics on the indexed or table view.

It mainly refers to the distribution of values in one or more columns of an index or a table.Sentry One e Books In these books, you will find useful, hand-picked articles that will help give insight into some of your most vexing performance problems.These articles were written by several of the SQL Server industry’s leading experts, including Aaron Bertrand, Paul White, Paul Randal, Jonathan Kehayias, Erin Stellato, Glenn Berry, and Joe Sack.To increase the query performance, a user can add statistic on the columns that do not have statistics in order.

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Now, general MS SQL UPDATE_STATISTICS commands are basically used to update the query optimization statistics on an indexed view or a table view.

Apart from this WITH RESAMPLE is also required to merge partition statistic built with different sample rates together.