Washington state laws on minors dating adults

29-Jan-2017 13:31

They use to estimate traffic stats for Backpage, which provides an obtuse estimation of site traffic.

They ignore major adult ad networks and mainstream ad networks that accept adult ads in their calculation of share of the domestic adult classifieds market online.

New York Times writer Nick Kristof pressured Goldman Sachs to unload its shares in Village Voice Media overnight (and at a million loss) in March.

In July, Washington State introduced a legislative attack on CDA230 that aims to make websites like Backpage criminally responsible for third-party content posted by minors – a move that put the EFF on the offensive on behalf of the Internet Archive, Senior Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman says, to make sure the legislation “doesn’t cross the line to the government throwing people in jail for what their users do.” Backpage counters they are doing more to fight sexual exploitation than any other classified ad site on the web and have no plans to shut the site down.

Backpage reports those ads immediately (and under no legal obligation) to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

In other words, about 1/25 of 1 percent (.04 percent) of the ads Backpage removes from its site on a monthly basis are suspected of advertising a minor for sexual services, a number that represents 1/00 of one percent (.01 percent) of its monthly ad volume. First, Backpage runs all classified ads submitted to the site through a keyword filter that scans for 26,000 different terms (not all sex-related – this is for spam and fraud, too), and matches the ad credentials against phone numbers, email and IP addresses of ad posters Backpage has already flagged.

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Mc Dougall says after Craigslist shut down its adult category in September 2010, “adult, dating and other paid ad content on increased approximately 29%.” She adds that the volume of adult ads on Backpage started to climb steadily when Craigslist renamed its erotic ads category to Adult Services in 2009, implementing increasing posting requirements and restrictions. the known, actual number of minors advertising) we cannot draw conclusions about how well Backpage is doing in screening out minors,” says Ron Weitzer, a sociologist at George Washington University specializing in American policies on prostitution and sex trafficking.The filter also scans ads for links to viruses, malware and URLs that the NCMEC has blacklisted as being associated with child pornography.